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National Waterproofing serves the Ancaster area with an expertise in residential waterproofing and foundation repair. We have been serving the Ancaster Area for over 20 years and have maintained a BBB A+ rating.

If you believe there is a leak in your basement it's not a bad idea to have it taken care of even if the area is just used as a storage space. Of course, if the basement is used as a living area then it's recommended that you take care of any leaks before they cause expensive damage and mold sets in.


You don't have to wait until the damage is done to waterproof your basement. You can protect yourself against water damage by having the area waterproofed at any time. Our advanced leak detection sensors can detect the source of a leak before it is visible.

Since basements are built beneath ground level, they are often vulnerable to groundwater and leaks are not uncommon. If the basement is properly designed, you may not suffer from water leaks. A basement could quickly deteriorate if water is present and end up penetrating the structure. Once the basement becomes wet it does not take long for mold to make it's presence known.


Many basements leak due to excessive water pressure from the outside, which is usually the result of melting snow and ice as well as heavy rainfalls. This water, which is under pressure, finds it way through cracks in the foundation. While many homes in Ancaster have been built in the last 20 years, most them were not properly wrapped and waterproofed when being constructed.

The water will typically work its way through any cracks that exist in the foundation of the home. If this occurs, it can lead to severe structural damage which will be costly to repair. If your basement has cracks in it and is not properly waterproofed then moisture could flow in through the floors and/or walls when least expected.

We will be glad to send out a professional contractor to provide you with a free inspection and estimate if the leak needs to be repaired. We provide several effective types of basement waterproofing solutions and we will recommend the best option for your specific problem. The team at National is fully trained when it comes to operating leak and moisture detection tools which will find the source of the leak.

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