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Basement Waterproofing

National Waterproofing specialized in solving your wet basement problems either internally or externally.  There are many solutions and each method has its own advantages dependant on your specific needs.  We are able to incorporate one or more of the many solutions to ensure that your job is completed properly, protecting your investment with a 10 year warranty.

Internal Crack Repair

Hairline foundation cracks are commonly found on homes and are typically non-structural.  A polyurethane crack injection done by a Professional forms a barrier impenetrable to water.  There are inexpensive single-component polymers on the market, but they are not suitable for repair of cracks subjected to water pressure.  Over time these ‘do it yourself’ repairs dry –out, release the water molecules and slowly crumble.   This leaves the home owner in a compromised position having to do an external dig to seal the crack.

Internal Waterproofing    

When you're dealing with a leaky basement, you may select the method of internal basement waterproofing. With internal basement waterproofing, you will no longer have to worry about water seeping through floor or wall cracks. If you presently have an unfinished basement you are planning to renovate, waterproofing your basement will ensure there will be no future water damage, since water will collect under the concrete foundation and be directed into your local drainage system. Your basement will be protected and your investment will be safe.

Many homeowners experience occasional leakage in an unfinished basement. Wet basement waterproofing is still a worthwhile investment to protect the integrity of your home's foundation, preventing any further cracking or damage.  
Basement Waterproofing will give you extra peace of mind knowing your home is protected, ensuring your home will remain dry and free of mould and mildew.

External Waterproofing

With External Waterproofing the water is kept from entering into the structure below grade. Foundation excavation is completed either by hand or machine, if the site is machine accessible.  The foundation wall and footing is exposed, scraped or wire brushed, and any visible cracks are filled with hydraulic cement.  Liquid Rubber is applied to seal every inch of the foundation wall. A dimpled sheet air-gap membrane is applied, which not only provides you with a third line of defense, but also creates a hydrostatic pressure relief.

New weeping tile is installed. The best approved product presently available for typical residential applications is 4" corrugated pipe with a filter fabric surround. The pipe has slits around the perimeter running the full length of the pipe to admit water, and a filter fabric "sock" to inhibit the ingress of finings or silt. This is important to know since the footing drain is the most important part of any system.

This is followed by the installation of gravel, filter fabric and backfilling.  Clean-up takes place and any landscaping, decking, walkways, etc. are re-installed where available to do so.

The realities of exterior waterproofing have to be considered and understood that sometimes landscaping may have to be replaced.  We take every reasonable precaution to protect your grounds.


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